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* In 2002, Susan Taylor began volunteering in Bali, giving support to sick villagers and providing training and employment to locals.

* In the wake of the first Bali Bomb, Susan volunteered at Sanglah Hospital in the emergency wards, assisting in the care of the critically injured and later as a Trauma Counseling Coordinator.

* In the aftermath of the tragedy, Susan approached the local villagers and asked them what they most needed for their children and as a result, in the December of 2002, she started the first English education program offered by Global Children Care: one small village school, thirty five children and one part-time English teacher.

* Since then, over 7000+ children have benefited from GCC’s education programs.

*In 2008 – 2009, 700 children received treatment in a new dental screening program and 1100 children benefited from eye screening and treatment. In addition to this, five GCC teachers taught four education programs weekly in six communities with over 785 children benefiting on a weekly basis.

* Today, Global Children Care operates humanitarian programs in Indonesia, South East Asia with future plans to assist children in India and Cambodia as funds become available.

* Global Children Care is a registered not-for-profit charitable incorporated association under the laws set down by the Department of Fair Trading, which is the Australian government body ruling charities in Australia.

* We are licensed and registered under the name of Global Children Care Inc (GCCI) and are also legally licensed and registered as a not-for-profit charity in Indonesia as Yayasan Bhakti Dharma Ikhlas (BDI Foundation). For more detailed information, please visit our Donations page.

* We are also legally registered in the United States as a charitable project as “Global Children Care USA” under the auspices of the United Charitable Programs a non – profit charity, Tax ID# 20-4286082.” Our Project Account Number is: 101926

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