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As President and Founder of Global Children Care, Susan is responsible for Australian and International operations, which include fund raising, program development and administration management and training.

Susan is passionate about helping children achieve their potential by providing education and health care programs in an effort to break the cycle of poverty.

Susan holds Certification in Psychotherapy from the Group Dynamic Institute in New York, as well Certification in Nutrition from Cal State Northridge University in California and Certifications in Neuro-Linguistic programming (NLP training) and sales and management training.

Susan has also been educated in self-development and meditation – studying with recognized world leaders in the field and founded two private counselling practices one initially in Miami in the early 1970’s and later one in Beverly Hills, California in the United States.

She has a business background spanning 35 years in several industries, including fashion, interior design, business and project management, and human resource development.

Susan’s fashion career included modelling in New York, Europe and Asia, seven Vogue covers, TV commercial work and several fashion lines, including her own. She formerly worked around the world with leading designers including Yves Saint Laurent, Lanvin and others.

Prior to founding Global Children Care, Susan has worked with children around the world:

* In Hong Kong in her early 20’s, Susan worked with homeless children and youth suffering from cerebral palsy.

* In New York in her mid 20’s, Susan created an egress program for teenage addicts at a drug rehabilitation center.

* In India in the late 1980’s, she assisted street children with medical care and clothing and took an interest in their primary school education, as well as teaching them the value of earning a living rather than begging in the streets.

Susan has lived and worked in Australia, USA, Europe, London, Hong Kong, India and Indonesia throughout her life and brings a thoughtful, creative and inspirational approach to the work of Global Children Care.

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